2022 – Restated F M Kirby Foundation Conflict Of Interest Policy (002)

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719 2022 restated f m kirby foundation conflict of interest policy 002 docx governance conflict_of_interest_policy 1669843502 b816b24faeff67b0fb91543787167599 d104b50c07dc4470a75c5c1511eda88d4906cd0a90489fb1874dcb70fd387432 _u_danielmatz _u_reclaimdigital _u_beviglia _u_kirby _u_kirbyboard _u_wpengine 11 30 16 25 0 68 175 74 183 2023 08 15 01 32 zip msoffice application rels document xml theme1 _rels theme settings numbering styles websettings fonttable item1 itemprops1 core app content_types word customxml docprops offset signature directory_entries_this_disk directory_entries_total directory_size directory_offset deflate superfast 2 0 ms dos and os fat vfat fat32 file systems extract_version host_os compression_method compressed_size uncompressed_size last_modified_timestamp data_offset files entries_count end_central_directory compression_speed entries f m kirby foundation conflict of interest policy purpose the this is to provide rules procedures deal appropriately with circumstances that involve or may appear intended supplement but not replace federal state law prohibiting self dealing private inurement otherwise conflicts within nonprofit organizations it s members directors employees insiders must promptly fully disclose any potential a insider participate in decision which he she has unless conflic t resolved pursuant p olicy follow disciplined documented process making decisions about such matters definitions 1 conf lict exists if position make influence proposed grant contract other transaction b significant relationship as described below beneficiary commercial counterparty on tran saction also exist there be an actual perceived including personal interests seen competing could result receipt impermissible benefit by calls into question fairness propriety 039 processes its operation considered have party family member entity his her officer director trustee employee c material finan cial owner investor 3 incl ude spouse parent grandparent sibling child grandchild relative living same household 4 determining shall mean chairperson individual involved possible case offic er general counsel compensation retention professional firm board d irectors see attached appendix situation covered addition grants co ntracts transactions situations present risks impartial legal compliance reputation several recurring are set out acceptance gifts their accept meals benefits nominal value so long would obligate take action behalf call no precise definition what constitutes guideline gift having less than 100 all cases determination constitut es depends particular where awkward decline name donee honoraria fr om grantees counterparties employment relatives whil e prohibition against g rantees viewed giving rise subject events for mo re reasonable event directed payment affiliations affiliation way memberships wit h will deemed give receiving some sort from grantee relationshi 5 specific can encompass every presents end effective management good judgment integri ty encourages individuals talk they questions concerns 6 annual questionnaire each wil l annually complete sign submit i nterest help identify those disclosure before participating doubt whether warrants should favor abstention participation abstain providing information requested until factual investigation investigate nature appropriate concludes roposed defined herein available public substantially terms inappropriately then development approval administration ma tter matter still proceed oncludes consistent charitable purposes ii best iii fair documentation record keeping th maintain violations cause believe another failed inform presently serves without nevertheless come compensated at point determined formally during times when excused meetings determinations partner time services rendered separate arrangement after careful thorough consideration extent fees compared ees similarly situated firms made membe r while vent receive remuneration rate person adjusted oa rd similar determine additional paid amount your part y our onflict you required answer following necessary mplete means inc organization supports through monetary donations last fiscal year had fina ncial creditor borrow governing voting rights fiduciary advisor consultant etc vendor suppli prospective conducts knowledge seeking conduct business yes __________ foregoing questio n please supply names persons financial need report ownership substantial relation yo ur asse ts borrowing institution authorized lend did past twelve months entertainment rewards tickets fundraisers more greater prospec tive perso item provided approxim ate excluding compensat ion reimbursement expenses incurre primary was undertake note who officers undertaking do know activity yourself listed above possibly regarded constituting describe under arise statement received copy read understood agreed comply update changes indicated my u nderstand ing order tax exemption engage primaril activities accomplish one exempt date printed 4835 1524 7614 v words analyze unzip xml2txt timings

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