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With the belief that celebrating the arts and humanities positively impacts community culture and spirit, the F. M. Kirby Foundation proudly funds organizations cultivating local arts through a vast array of methods. Performing arts centers, fine arts museums, and children’s arts programs are amongst the many grantees in this funding docket who are uplifting their respective communities by giving the gifts of arts and culture across diverse backgrounds and ages. Descriptions of the major funding sub-categories within Arts, Culture, and Humanities are listed below.

Performing Arts Centers and Programs

Funding to these programs includes support for dance, instrumental, or theater programming; independent theaters and their performance series; and access to community arts education. These organizations use the arts as a tool for fostering creativity and culture at all ages by means of children’s theater performances, musical programming for individuals with special needs, or theater platforms for local and national talent.

Community Arts and Cultural Advancement Programs

These organizations are dedicated to uplifting art programs in the community and celebrating local history and culture. Grantees in this category unite local artists, financially support independent theaters or arts programs, and organize arts festivals and celebrations. Additionally, some programs in this category participate in arts advocacy or arts grant-making.

Historical and Educational Museums

This category includes any museum whose role is to educate and inspire creativity in children or whose main initiative is to preserve local history and promote its celebration.

Fine Arts Museums

This includes any grantee museums whose primary collections consist of works of fine art.

Grantee Spotlight: Papermill Playhouse
Grantee Spotlight: Papermill Playhouse

The F.M. Kirby Foundation is pleased to celebrate 40 years of continuous partnership with Paper Mill Playhouse. Opening its doors in 1938, Paper Mill Playhouse’s mission is to foster a creative environment to advance the musical theater art form, educate students, and develop future theater lovers. A home for cherished revivals and an incubator for new works, Paper Mill has…