The F. M. Kirby Foundation believes in the ability of increased educational opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds to aid in the creation of more diverse and self-sufficient communities. From ensuring that educational opportunities from preschool to college are financially equitable, to supporting literacy and STEM initiatives that bolster educational experiences throughout a student’s lifetime, the Foundation is proud to support a broad range of services that strengthen community educational development in geographic areas of interest. Descriptions of the major funding interests within Education are listed below.

Family Alma Mater Support/Familial School Interests

These organizations are supported because they are a family members’ alma mater institution, or schools in which family members or Directors have a special interest, whether for geographic or personal reasons.

Equitable Educational Access & School Choice

Organizations or programs in this category are dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for underrepresented groups, at any age. Included in this category are institutions that advocate for an increase in students’ educational opportunities in the form of charter schools, college preparatory schools, or early childhood education.

Special Education & Educational Support Services

Grantees in this category include programs promoting increased literacy or STEM education as complementary to a student’s standard education, as well as programs that focus on non-traditional formats or non-traditional students.

Civics & History Education

Programs, whether serving small communities or nationally, which focus on increasing civics and history education, whether by means of providing that education themselves or supporting civics discourse and opportunities.

Programs Fostering Entrepreneurship

Whether in the forms of awards or education, these grantees support and aid in developing entrepreneurship, regardless of age.