Environment and Conservation

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At the core of the Foundation’s mission is investing in the health of our communities. One of the most important investments the F. M. Kirby Foundation makes towards this mission is ensuring that the open spaces and wild habitats in our communities are protected, that new green spaces are created, and that all community members have equitable access to nature and the environment. By protecting the natural environment and promoting responsible human relationships with nature, the Foundation may better ensure that our most loved and valued landscapes and community spaces are well-maintained for future generations.

The Foundation funds environmental organizations that conserve open space, advocate for environmental justice, and promote science-based approaches to long-term conservation and stewardship of the landscapes and ecosystems in our geographic areas of interest.

Descriptions of the major funding sub-categories within Environment and Animals are listed below.

Land Conservation and Stewardship

These organizations’ primary function is to protect and steward environmentally significant ecosystems through science-based methods.

Environmental Law and Advocacy Organizations

These organizations work to promote social justice and the future health of our communities through environment-specific public interest law and environmental advocacy.

Environmental Community Development

From creation of community green spaces to urban environmental planning, these organizations advocate for sustainable community development that protects clean air and water, local food sources, and human connection with the environment.

Grantee Spotlight: Coastal Land Trust
Grantee Spotlight: Coastal Land Trust

The F. M. Kirby Foundation is pleased to celebrate 15 years of continuous partnership with Coastal Land Trust. Since its founding in 1992, Coastal Land Trust has fulfilled its mission of enriching the coastal communities of North Carolina through conservation and land stewardship by preserving 82, 245 acres of land to date. As an accredited regional land trust, the Trust…