Environment and Animals

At the core of the Foundation’s mission is investing in the future of our communities; one of the most important investments the F. M. Kirby Foundation makes towards this mission is environmental conservation and advocacy. By funding organizations who protect, preserve, and share some of the most valuable and beautiful landscapes in our geographic areas of interest, the Foundation may better ensure that the ecological integrity of our public land and community spaces be well-maintained for generations to come. Descriptions of the major funding sub-categories within Environment and Animals are listed below.

Land and Animal Conservation and Stewardship

These grantees’ primary function is to protect and preserve environmentally significant ecosystems and maintain their ecological integrity.

Environmental Law and Environmental Advocacy Organizations

Organizations whose focus involves environment-specific public interest law, environmental advocacy, or support for conservation groups.

Environmental Community Development

From public park spaces to environmental urban planning, these organizations promote community development through the lens of sustainable values.