The F. M. Kirby Foundation’s mission of promoting healthy communities is well-exemplified in our Health funding areas of interest. With a goal to support not only medical centers who treat patients in times of need, but also medical institutions performing cutting-edge research concerning an array of biomedical afflictions, the Foundation may contribute to the health and wellbeing of current communities and future generations. In particular, we are proud to support investigators engaged in translational research, believing that building a pipeline of talented scientists working on today’s problems will yield tomorrow’s solutions. Descriptions of the major funding sub-categories in Health are listed below.

Cancer Research

Funding for cancer research is provided to support both individual research centers and research conglomerates with an additional educational focus.

Neuroscience and Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Research in this category includes Alzheimer’s research, pediatric brain damage research, and perception and sensory disorders.

Medical Center Support

This includes funding for medical centers and hospitals in geographic areas of interest.

Type 1 Diabetes Research

Organizations here include institutions working to better prevent, treat, and diagnose Type 1 Diabetes.

General Biomedical Research

This category includes institutions developing research on numerous biomedical issues, including Crohn’s and Colitis, spinal cord injuries, audiology research, organ donation, and ophthalmology.