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The Foundation’s largest funding area, the Human Services docket provides support for over 70 organizations annually in geographic areas of interest. These organizations bolster local communities in myriad ways and exemplify the Foundation’s mission by fostering self-reliance in the individuals they serve.

Grantees in this category are bolstering community development from a multitude of angles: offering homeless services, providing food to those in need, creating educational enrichment opportunities for young learners, and delivering mental and physical health support for any who need it. Support in this area of interest includes an emphasis on healthy families and healthy children. Descriptions of the major funding sub-categories within Human Services are listed below.

Emergency and Disaster Services

Funding seeks to preemptively bolster emergency services and recovery in multiple geographic locations so that first responders and emergency medical care is available in times of need.

Child Protection / Domestic Violence Support

Support services for children and young adults include advocating for safe and nurturing households for at-risk youth and providing empowerment programs for young victims of unsafe environments. Domestic violence support organizations in this category provide both legal advocacy and emergency needs protection, shelter, and services to victims of domestic abuse.

Homeless Services, Food Pantries, and Housing Assistance Programs

Family shelters, food pantries, and emergency housing services all provide basic needs for individuals in need in geographic locations of interest.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Organizations that are working hands-on to offer rehabilitation programs for those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, as well as organizations working to prevent the presence of addiction.

Mental Health Services

Any institution devoted to mental health, whether providing direct counseling or grief services, platforms for the de-stigmatization of mental health conversations, or residential opportunities for those with serious mental illnesses.


Dedicated to the betterment of the adoption system for all parties involved, these services include adoption advocacy and protection.

Health Services and Cancer Support Services

Public health support services that include reproductive health clinic care for underserved communities, and mental and residential support for cancer patients and their families.

Youth and Family Development Programs

Providing a broad spectrum of services, these programs encourage the participation of young people in community development and offer educational and developmental programming for families such as counseling, career development, healthy lifestyle promotion, and childcare.

Physical and Cognitive Disability Services

This category encompasses organizations that advocate for increased accessibility for individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities, provide specialized education, and offer equitable employment services.

Veteran Affairs

Organizations that advocate for and provide services to veterans, including financial relief for struggling veteran families and mental health support.

Community Development

Community development programs include any organization that bolsters civic engagement, especially for underrepresented groups, health care services, and public education.

Grantee Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity Durham
Grantee Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity Durham

The F.M. Kirby Foundation is pleased to celebrate 5 years of continuous partnership with Habitat for Humanity Durham. Part of a global, nonprofit housing organization founded with Christian values, Habitat for Humanity Durham seeks to put God’s love into action and bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Since being founded in 1985 by Durham Congregations in Action,…