Public Affairs & Society Benefit

The F.M. Kirby Foundation’s support for grantees in Public Affairs and Society Benefit largely consists of organizations that have a central mission of raising awareness and advocating for public policy regarding topics, such as individual rights and free speech, that the Foundation holds as values. Included in this docket are organizations who create and provide research about their areas of interest, such as reproductive health research coupled with informed advocacy. In the same way that grantees in other Foundational areas of interest seek to meet immediate needs in local communities, grantees in Public Affairs and Society Benefit seek to create a national environment in which these same local communities can thrive. Descriptions of the major funding sub-categories in Public Affairs and Society Benefit are listed below.

Higher Education Reform

These organizations promote the preponderance of free speech and diverse political discourse on college campuses.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Policy

Organizations with a focus on increased policy that advocates for the prevention of drug and alcohol addiction.

Sexuality and Reproductive Health and Rights

This category includes institutions that develop research focused on women’s reproductive health, reproductive health education, and accurate and helpful sexuality education.

Democratic Capitalism and Free Enterprise Think Tanks

Advocating for increasing the ability of local economies to prosper and thrive, these organizations are policy-focused and support free-markets and local business. Included here are policy think tanks that focus on limiting government interference in local economic growth.

Individual Rights and Free Speech Policy

Organizations who advocate for an increase in the prioritization of individual rights and liberties across all sectors. From legal advocacy to education reform, this sub-category also includes organizations dedicated to decreasing political polarization and regaining civil discourse.

Public News Media

Public news media platforms, whether broadcast radio, print, or television news, that provide local geographies with accurate information.