Application Procedures

Solicitations (applications for grants) must contain certain basic information about the applicant, be signed by an official of the applicant and be addressed to the F. M. Kirby Foundation. No solicitations by FAX or e-mail are accepted. Unsolicited requests should be in the form of a letter of inquiry. The Foundation has no required application format, but believes that a solicitation includes:

  • a report on the use of previous grants received from the F. M. Kirby Foundation (applicable to returning grantees)
  • a report on current activities
  • a declaration of the amount sought
  • a full description of the reasons for the current solicitation
  • an assertion as to whether the funding solicited is for general operations, a specific project, capital needs or endowment
  • a roster of directors (trustees and principal officers)
  • a copy of the current annual budget for both revenues and expenses with a comparison to prior year actuals
  • a copy of the most recent independent audit
  • a copy of the most recent Internal Revenue Service tax exemption letter

Solicitations will be accepted throughout the year and grants issued at convenient intervals thereafter. Solicitations received after October 31st will be held for consideration the following year.

Note to Returning Grantees: Incomplete requests will not be processed.