The F.M. Kirby Foundation is pleased to celebrate 10 years of continuous partnership with JDRF, the leading global type 1 diabetes research and advocacy organization. From funding innovative research to advocating for government action to providing a support structure for those living with Type 1 diabetes (T1D), JDRF is a leading organization in learning more about the disease in order to deliver a cure. Today, the most promising cure for T1D involved a three-pronged approach: cell therapies, disease-modifying therapies, and screening and monitoring of potential carriers of the disease.

JDRF’s research has two core objectives. First, research is directed toward restoring the body’s ability to make insulin or to stop T1D before it occurs. The second goal of JDRF’s research is to improve the lives of those living with T1D by sharing best practices for staying healthy until advances are made in resources, technologies, and therapies. Furthermore, in the next five years, JDRF hopes to develop and execute a universal screening strategy that reduces diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis. By sustaining partnerships with peer research institutions and supporting promising research initiatives, JDRF can deliver better therapy options for individuals to manage life with T1D until this goal is achieved.

In 2021, the JDRF T1D Fund catalyzed $213M in private venture capital investment in novel companies developing innovative T1D therapies. Working with the world’s leading scientists and institutions to advance the most promising of T1D innovations, JDRF coordinated over 275 research and development projects as well as 58 new research grants. With a global footprint including 5 international affiliates, JDRF is strategically positioned to improve the health and well-being of millions of people living with T1D.